Our Mission

First, we educate and train the future Christian leaders of the church with the sound Christian doctrine based on the reformed theology. St Paul Academy of Theology (PAT) has faculty members who believe in the complete inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible and who adopt the creed of the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Second, PAT provides ministers and missionaries with extension courses in which they can be recharged with the fresh biblical and theological education. Many pastors who become tired of their church ministry may feel the need to get boosted in their spirit with the words of God. Also, after a few years of graduating from seminary, pastors do not have access to the current waves of debates among biblical scholars and Christian theologians. So, PAT provides them with biblical and theological reeducation by which they can deal with current issues relevant to the pastoral ministry and evangelism.

Third, PAT provides solid curricula of the MDiv and the MA programs to prepare the students for future ministries with in-depth biblical theological knowledge and development of ability to apply biblical knowledge to practical ministries.

Fourth, with a certificate program for the lay Christians, PAT satisfies their thirst for learning the Bible and Christian doctrines that help orient their services in terms of sound doctrines of the church. By taking the lectures provided by PAT, they will taste the profound truth of God's words.

President of St Paul Academy of Theology, Rev & Dr. Dongsu Kim, Ph.D